• Brett Cramer

The Best Movie Trailers

In rare cases, a trailer can transcend its original purpose and become a unique companion piece to the actual film. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s worth noticing. In this post, I’ve compiled what I considered to be the three best trailers of the 21st century. Each one excels at conveying the unique tone of each movie in a singular way.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK’s trailer holds off on actual footage at first, instead showing computer screens set to a choir version of Radiohead’s “Creep”:

LITTLE CHILDREN’s trailer uses complex and layered sound design of trains to accentuate the budding conflict and ultimate collision of a love triangle:

MAD MAX FURY ROAD’s trailer remixes an old classical composition, speeds it up, and modernizes it with a percussive drum beat to drive the action:

There’s much to break down in the trailer editing style, which skews closer to commercial-style time compression than long-form narrative. But while most trailers stick to a “greatest hits” montage of key scenes, the best ones will find a unique way to convey the atmosphere and tone without ruining the plot.


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