Brett Cramer

I'm a seasoned commercial and narrative director with the ability to both execute and problem-solve on the fly. I’ve shepherded dozens of projects from conception through final delivery — managing everything from large commercial sets to microbudget crews. I approach each project like a giant creative puzzle, figuring out how to create the best possible work while staying within schedule 

and budget. 

I work best in a fast paced environment where I can juggle multiple projects at various stages of production — whether it be scripting/storyboarding, on-set directing, editing, color correction, 

or final delivery. 

Although my passion has always been for directing, my experience as an editor and cinematographer gives me a better understanding of story. I worked as an editor for over ten years, becoming well-versed in multiple forms of storytelling. From commercials to narrative films, documentaries to interactive marketing – I enjoy each type of project and the unique challenges they bring. 


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